Friday, 26 July 2013

tips for avoiding mobile radiation harms...!!

Recently the supreme court of india had given the instructions not  exceed the no. of telephone towers on particular  building more than two , by considering the health related issues. The WHO has also issued a precautionary principles to avoid genotoxic effects,EM allergic effect & cognitive effect by the mobile phones magnetic radiations.
Tips for reducing danger by the mobile phone radiation.
  • 1.       Use wired headset or speakerphone mode and keep the cell phone as far away from your as possible. In particular , use air-tube headset with ferrite beads as they don’t work as antenna so the risk of exposure to EM radiations also reduced.

  • 2.       Don’t allow children to use cell phone ,under 18 because the radiations can badly affect the development and maturation of the central nervous system,immune system and critical organ.

  • 3.       U can also use the patented cell phone radiation protection device.
  • 4.       Prefer the cellphone with low SAR

  • 5.       Avoid using mobile phones in a close proximity with the metals surrounding it, because the metal structures increases the radiation output of the device.

  • 6.       Don’t use the cell phones when u are travelling with fast moving vehicles, as in this case mobile sends and receives the extra signals.