Saturday, 2 March 2013

chrome 25 beta

The beta version of google's web browser for windows has been released with the web speech API , letting the user control more than just search , with voice commands . the browser is currently available for windows users. announcing it , google said "using your voice to search on your computer or phone is handy , but there is so much more you can do with voice commands . imagine if you could dictate documents ,have a free style rap battle , or control game characters with your browser using only your voice . withh todays chrome beta release , this future is closer than you think".
                         Apart from the voice control feature. chrome 25 will bring in security and performance improvements for all extensions. a new search and tab page and better HTML5 support.Developers who want to defend their service from cross-site scripting and other contents injection attacks can now , for example , use the unprefixed contents-security-policy HTTP header to create a white list of trusted contents sources by just adding a few lines to their also supports web component shadow shadow DOM  functionality.

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