Saturday, 23 February 2013


                                                        CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW

CES is the biggest electronics show on the earth ,organised by consumer electronics association .it was first held in 1967, still continued with showcasing latest innovations and gadgets. CES 2013 location was nevada u.s.a.The speality of CES-2013 was 4k television from samsung as well as new range of mobile, tablet processors with touch & virtual reality technologies.


A virtual reality glasses with headsets, presented in CSE-2013 with 720 HD resolution which is enough to set you in the amazing world of virtual reality. VR goggles used in this technology will change your experience with the video games or even movies.the early impression of the device draws a positive reviews from the experts.


A smart watch that connects to your i-phone or an android smartphones , making it more accessible by being in your wrist. pebble's colourful multi-layer polycarbonate face looks fantastic. weighing just 38.2 gm , the device is customisable  with beautiful downloadable watchfaces and useful internet -connected aslo includes a bluetooth 4.0 radio , vibration motor , accelerometer and compass.   

samsung has introduced the world's largest ultra high-definition TV 
(UHD TV ). it appears to be floating within its frame and its time -less gallery frame design with large display. picture quality by restoring detail information to enable greater precision and real-life picture also delivers deep,real blacks as well as pure vivacious whites with 120-watt sound for an audio experience six times better than a typical TV.


Tactus technology has developed a new tactile user interface for touch screen device. it includes application-controlled function, completely transparent physical buttons that rise up from touch screen surface on demand. this touch screen provides a versatile user experience , they provide no tactile experience for creates real, physical buttons,where user can rest their fingers on the buttons, as on mechanical keyboard ,and input data by processing down on the keys.

A touch screen device designed for pc games, includes the best features of a tablet, PC and game console in single device. razer edge packs a 25.7 cm touchscreen ,DDDR3 RAM and a high-speed solid state drive for faster loading of windows 8 and other programs .it is the only tablet running windows8  on both an intel core processor and NVIDIA GeForce GPU. it also includes features like force feedback gamepad controller , keyboard dock and docking station for gameplay on an HD TV.

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