Tuesday, 5 February 2013

IT'S OLED NOW.....!!!!

The TV manufacturers have introduced LED & LCD'S recently but future of TV  technology is OLED. OLED means organic LED. A lot of technologies that we will use in future seem strange, impossible; almost like science fiction .same with the OLED ,these models are 4 and 8 mm thick and has taken a quantum leap in image quality.The problem with current  LED is it produces uneven surface illumination along with low contrast.this problem      has triggered the next generation technology.

concept of organic light:

The new LED, known as spin-polarized organic LED or spin OLED, stores information in the electron’s spin and the electrical charges. It also uses an “organic spin-valve,” which are used in computers, TVs, cell phones and many other electrical devices. here anode and cathode are used in such a way that ,if voltage is applied across OLED ,electrons get when The decay of this excited state results in a relaxation of the energy levels of the electron, along with the emission of radiation whose frequency is in the visible region . as name suggests ,a layer of organic material is used here.
each pixel of OLED consists of three micro-diodes in red, green and blue - up to 62,20,800.actual LED's in an array for full HD resolution.An OLED display works without a backlight .hence the problem of uneven surface illumination is eliminated.

plus points:

1.  Quick response

2. Energy efficient

3. Flexible in nature

4. Has improved noise rejection ablity

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