Saturday, 16 February 2013


GATE serves the objectives like, to select meritorious and motivated as well as students with good comprehensive understanding for their respective engineering streams. the GATE score of a candidate is used for admission to post graduate engineering programmes (eg. M.E,, direct phD ). in  post graduation degree , student can do specialization in their interested area of engg.  a good GATE score can be useful to get admission in Indian higher institutes with financial assistance by the government.


  • PSU'S means public sector companies like ,BARC, NPCIL, HAL etc. select their candidates on the basis of valid GATE score. 
  • Higher salaries are offered for the candidates who have completed their P.G degree from reputed  government institutes ,and to take admission in such institutes GATE is the basic requirement and the key also.
  • During your course of  P.G degree you can do specialization in certain area , which is highly admirable for your career growth.
  • The GATE qualified students enjoys a stipend upto 8,000 rs a month provided by the government of india.
  • Along with the PSU's many private sector industries prefer GATE qualified candidates.
  • with the financial support by the government in the form of stipend , you can get the chance to study in nationally reputed colleges across the india.
NEW IN GATE 2013 :
  1. Subject papers will be conducted by an ONLINE computer based test.
  2. a new formula will be used for calculating the GATE score.

There will be total 65 questions carrying 100 marks , out of which general aptitude (GA) section's 10 questions will carry 15 marks.

GATE 2013 question paper would divided into four parts :
  • multiple choice questions (MCQ'S) 

  • Common data questions
means a common data will be given for the questions , and by analyzing that data u have answer them. 
  • Linked answer questions
which are MCQ's only ,where the ans. in the pair required to ans. it's succers.
  • Numerical ans. questions
where the ans. to the question is a numerical value. where candidate is expected to apply his knowledge using computation or logical reasoning skill.

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