Tuesday, 12 February 2013


In the late 1980's computer viruses introduced were poor in strength and have limited destruction capacity.but today's viruses have the capability to do everything from sending your personal info like credit card no. and bank account to thieves! a virus infected computer turns into a slave that can be used to attack websites, send out spam and many more. once it got a path it reproduces itself and causes a mass destruction . millions of dollars and hours are wasted by multinational companies to face & clean-up the attacks.viruses are playing important role in world politics , countries like u.s.a and china are using it as a tool for attacking each others computer networks and ultimately economy.

viruses:                  virus is nothing but the piece of software that manages to control or which dominates the real programs. it completely dissolves in the previously installed programs such as powerpoint, spreadsheets, games etc. it has amazing ability to replicate automatically means it can reproduce itself when we try to run the system.

worms:                   it finds the hole in computer network & security and later on infects the whole files present in the pc. viruses and worms has capacity to erase your hard disk.

E-mail viruses:   an e-mail virus can be attached to a e-mail message and can reach large no. of peoples as it uses the "address book " of infected system.

HOW DOES ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE WORKS??                                                                                   Due to security related concerns , anti-virus software's are very much popular these days.according to the working principle they can be classified as 
  • signature base
  • Heuristics
These software's have it's own dictionary to all type of viruses, when anti-virus program is executed it simply scans the whole files present on the system.
when any file shows similarities towards the virus dictionary , this anti-virus software either delete or quarantine it.
        Another detection technique is by using creates a virtual environment and runs the programs.meanwhile it continuously examines the actions or response by the programs,if it identifies any malicious program it cleans up   


  • AVG
  • McAFEE

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