Thursday, 7 February 2013

MATLAB ....The magic

MATLAB is a high performance language for technical computing . Developed by MathWorks and written in c, Java.The MATLAB is widely used in research institutes and industrial has around 2-3 million users world wide.
  • Math and computation 
  • Algorithm Development
  • Modeling , simulations and prototyping
  • Data Analyzing, exploration and visualisation
  • Scientific and Engineering Graphics
  • Graphical User Interface building                                                                                                        
Maths & Computation :
          it can handle linear Differential Equation ,Interpolation ,matrix can be used in the process of Interpolation.Interpolation is the process for estimating the value that lie between known data points ,which has application in signal and image processing. MATLAB has very powerful tools for Data Analyzing & Statistics.

Algorithm Development :
          In the business are arena, companies that are computer or internet based use algorithms  for broad range of activities and applications. where the large volumes of unstructured data,identifying pattern and similarities can create order and process via the use of algorithms.algorithms are used by those who
  1.   are leading a very technical & data intensive project;
  2. need to test or simulate product performance or result.
  3. are developing a new service                                                                                                          for this purpose MATLAB has it's own library of functions or tools.
Scientific & Engineering Graphics :

          it includes high level commands for 2-D and 3-D data visualization , image processing, animation and representation graphics. these graphics are full customizable  so scientific data can be easily analysed.

#  Real-time workshop is aprogram in matlab that allows you to generate c-code from your block diagram and to run it on a variety of real time systems

# Blocksets are add-ins to SIMULINK that provide additional libraries of blocks for specialised applications like communications , signal processing and power systems.

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